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Very WIP currently, if a link is wrong or something give me a buzz.

First off, this is how I've catagorized these:

FreeForAll(FFA): No Specifics. Pairings and Scenarios of All Kinds Asked For

Specific FFA: Specific Scenario Given. No Specific Characters/Pairings Are Set

Anything Goes: Specific Person/Pairing Given. No Specific Scenario Set 

Anyone Specific: At Least One Character Given. Usually A Specific Kink Asked For

Part 11

Anything Goes: As Long As There's some Historical Fact Behind It
Anything Goes: As Long As There's some Historical Fact Behind It (Cheerful Edition)
Canon Vs. Bad!Fic Fandom
Breaking Any Nation's Fandom Stereotype

Specific FFA
High Quality Heterosexual Sex With Any Nations
Any Nation Adopting A Child In Trouble(Fluffy)
One nation gets into an internet debate, get's distracted by another, ends in smut.
World Meeting On Economy, Double-Entendre's, Any Characters
Nation has horrible day, gets ranted at by a human who it turns out is ranting about him/her
Any Nations, sex in a message chair
Through A Pet's Perspective of Any Nation
Any Nations, Magic Tournie
Strange disease threatens to wipe out populations, how the nations are affected
Any Nations, Giving Birth To Eggs
Any Nations, Reacting To Traitors
Nations reactions to Financial Crisis Gangbang Fill
Any Nations, The End of The World
Any OC Nation, Remembering Betrayal
Mother's Day Interactions
Any Nations: AU Parent/Child, Being Threatened To Take Child Away
Any Nations: National Anthems During Sex
Any Nation: Through The Prism of Creation
Any Nation: Art!Fill Mpreg
Any Nations: An Overprotective Family Hurts Relationship
Any Nations: Suicide Rate
Any Nations: Telephone by Lady Gaga with Jailbreak, Poisoned Sandwiches And Lots of Dancing 
Any Nations: Shows Affection By Making Sims of Their Crush Do Things, Other Nation Finds Out By Accident
Any Nations: Medieval Warlock/Witchhunter AU

Anything Goes 
Switzerland/America, Anything Goes
Anything As Long As It's US/UK
Japan/America: Anything As Long As It's Fluff
Romano/Japan: Anything Goes

Anyone Specific
America/Anyone: Consensual Gun Kink
England/Anyone: Possessive Towards England
England/Anyone: As Many Kinks As Possible 
Any Nordic Nations, Norse Mythology
Anything But US/UK 


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Jul. 12th, 2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
an anon is posting a bunch of open requests: http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/11073.html?thread=46865985#t46865985

Thought it might be helpful for this index.
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